Sunday, December 23, 2012

Random ...

Amazing, stressful, surprising, sad, overloaded, crazy, special, wonderful and unreal seems to be a good way to describe my last months in Hamburg, working fulltime and trying to combine work, friends and kitesurfing in the best possible way…  

I got seventh place at the world cup in Germany, I won the German championships, I travelled to Egypt, France, Norway and Brazil. And I can’t wait to start my next travel!

Pictures say more than worth, so here is a great sample of some of the happenings from the last months:

(Though, some explanation might be needed....)

After the world cup I ended up in the hospital for a week! No iron left and a severe blood anemia. No wonder I couldn't be bothered to pump all my kites at that competition... All kinds of tests were made, but to the doctors' surprise, they could not find anything. Luckily for me, and with a prescription on fil├ęt mignon ;) (would have been nice!) I checked myself out after a week.
After three hours at the emergency center they sent me to the hospital, ready to be checked again and give the rest of my blood away. So, people - if you are not able to walk up stairs, run for more than 50 meters or pump up more than one kite - GO AND HAVE A DOC'S CHECK UP!

Not too happy about the hospital food... How should I be able to getter better or raise my blood values with this kind of food?? That was the criteria to be allowed to leave the hospital in the first place.

Surprise, surprise...

Happy about the hospital food :)
Happy about visitors:)

Happy about the visitors bringing home made jam and cake!!

....and flowers, chips, chocolate, fruits, candy... All you need to be happy in a hospital!

Two days without food, therefore I had to drink six liters of SALT water for the next examination!
Happy about having friends "steeling" me from the hospital to the neighbouring restaurant! 

After all, meat is known to consist of a lot of important iron...

So, finally after a week I was allowed to leave with the doctor's advice: no sports for some months in order to get back to "normal". Two weeks later I had to decide whether or not to compete in the German kitesurfing final, and since I don't see kitesurfing as sports I decided to compete. Highly motivated, I fought my way to the finals, riding better than ever in difficult off-shore gusty conditions. Unfortunately, the wind decided to drop so we could not finish the results. However, the all over results crashed me on top of the lists being the winner of the German Championships 2012 !!:) 

Photo: mTwo Photo&Film
Photo: mTwo Photo&Film
Photo: mTwo Photo&Film
Photo: Helge Brzoska

In the end of August my boss at KiteWorldWide invited me and Andre (my IT hero!) to come along and visit one of KWW's amazing destinations: Seahorse Bay in Egypt

I've always wanted to go back to Brazil, and this October I finally did!! I even got to visit KiteWorldWide's famous Tatajuba for four days, kitesurfing on empty spots far away from the touristy kitesurfing traps:

The last days I spent kitesurfing around Fortaleza and so I also got to visit some of my old good Brazilian friends. Happy days!:)

Merry Christmas and a happy new year from Norway, next up Austria ;)


Monday, July 16, 2012

10 days Beetle Kitesurf World Cup, St.Peter Ording

After 10 days of competition with some sunshine but mostly pouring rain and really sooo much wind, it’s good to be back at the office. I ended up at the 7th place, which I’m really happy about.
I had some really strong competitors to face, e.g. the German Champion Sabrina Lutz, which I managed to beat after a pretty close heat. All in all I had a lot of fun, but mainly taking part in such an event is really nerve-wracking.

You get up at 7 am in the morning, walk around all day in your wetsuit, being cold and wet, waiting for your heats to start. At 6 pm you’re finally released, and if you still manage you can join the beach party where all your friends are for a couple hours before going to sleep in your car. And! there are no showers for the riders, so I had to use the ice cold public showers on the beach or sneak into the camping place next to.

But, enough complaining! The good thing about such an event is all the inspiring people you meet, the many nice chats and laughs, the atmosphere at the beach parties, the team spirit among most riders and the many people cheering for you when you win your heats.

Now I'll have some days with rest infront of me, putting my legs on the table doing nothing (at least one day...).

Here some nice pictures from the Event:

Big kiteloop, 30knots+ and 8m2

White water chaos
Always good to make friends with the securities!

My "home" for 10 days

See you on the water,