Monday, September 12, 2011

A summer adventure…

...sometimes a bit too much of an adventure, some would say!

Kite-Roadtrip and Bachelor thesis just goes hand in hand!
What a summer… Delivering my bachelor thesis beginning of June left me with 3 weeks of kitefun, before I had to defend my thesis at the end of June. Defending it meant 1 hour with a PowerPoint presentation of the work and explaining the main subjects of the thesis as well as ½ hour questions from both tutors. But first, 3 weeks kiting!!:) I went to Denmark to visit some of my best friends, and had some great days on the water at the different spots around Copenhagen. We even spent a whole Sunday at TIVOLI (!!), running around like the biggest kids, testing some of the world’s greatest rollercoasters. After this I joined the Kids Camp in Born, instructing a bunch of children and having fun. It is amazing to see how fast the kids get control of the kite and the board! Then one week in Saal at the Baltic sea, with amazing conditions and good friends. I couldn’t have done all this without the good prices and special offers at STARCAR rental cars (check it out, best prices in town!).

My tent ;) Lived through every storm and
bad weather in Germany this summer!

My rental car, packing the stuff for the night

And Sophie's car/sleeping place:)

Beloved Saal / Dar├čer Bodden, one of the best flatwater spots in Germany

Saturday the 25th I went back to Bremen, to prepare my presentation, which was the 27th at 10 a.m. in the morning. Working 24hours on it non-stop, I’ll never do that again!! But worked out fine, best notes, so perfect optimizing of time and effort!

Next up… My flight to Greece on the 29th! I just had to get all the furniture out of the apartment in Bremen, pack all my stuff, and bring it to Cuxhaven for storage at some friends. Working 24hours non-stop one more time, I’ll never do that again!!!
Finally arriving at Kos/Greece and 6 weeks of training and working before the finals of the German Championship in Fehmarn. I had some great weeks, enjoying this summer without injuries and in this way also managed to push my kite skills to a new level. Kos is a perfect Island for kiteboarding, with Mastichari as a base. In this little idyllic town, you find everything you need, just a few km away from the island’s best Kitespots: Kochilaris (wavespot) and Salt Lake (Flat/chop). You need to know the island and where to go, as the wind will vary depending on the wind direction. Mastichari itself has low wind, and is great for beginners who want to use the facilities of the kite- and surfschool at the spot (

Some pics from a nice day at the Salt Lake:


1st Place German Championship Fehmarn
After 6 weeks I went back to Germany to compete at the German Championship. I wasn’t too prepared, as I didn’t have a tent, no sleeping madras, no blanket, no shoes. I even needed a board, because unfortunately stupid enough my broke the day before leaving!! I had a small stone between the footpad and the board, which made a whole in my board after a couple of hard landings.
Thanks to Heike and Thomy, I had a shelter (tent – 15 years old, almost keeping all the water out) and everything else I needed. Thanks to Annika, I had a board as my first heat went off. Thanks to Jan, I had a ride from Hamburg to Fehmarn and back, and thanks to Mieke and Chrischi, I had a place to stay in Hamburg:). And so I won the whole competition, which I absolutely didn’t expect!

1st Anne Valvatne
2nd Sabrina Lutz
3rd Skadi Siegmeyer
PKRA World Cup St.Peter Ording
Somehow someone managed to convince me to join the PKRA stop in St.Peter Ording. I’ve never competed on this high level before, so I didn’t enter into the competition with too big expectations, which was good, because I really messed it up and didn’t manage to qualify. Well, winner one day, looser next day – still with a big smile and lesson learned. “Learning by doing” – next time I won’t do the same mistakes. At least almost all the other German riders qualified, so I was happy for them, and I got to go kiting myself. Unfortunately the wind wasn’t perfect at all time, so the competition “air time” didn’t take place. It would have been really interesting to see how my level is, when it comes to “air time”, as most of the girls train more freestyle, and I train both. Anyway, 10 days in a tent in this sandy desert was a hard time, but it was absolutely worth it! I met a lot of really nice and inspiring people and new friends. And it was astonishing to see some of the best kiters of the world ride the waves of St. Peter Ording!

Some pics from the days in St.Peter together with Sophie:)

I really want to thank my sponsors for this summer. Kitesurfing and a kitelife is really expensive, and without your support;

Kailua Sports with Naish/Pro Limit – kites, boards, wetsuits, harness – boards
Cool Shoes – my flip flops
Schwerelosigkite – my clothes!!

I wouldn’t have been where I am now and had this amazing summer!