Saturday, April 30, 2011

Easter time in Norway 15th-21th of April

Ohh, what a great week back home in the mountains of Beitostölen!! Like every eastern me, my parents, my sister, my uncle and aunt and both my cousins as well as Maddie gathered in the cabin in Beitostölen. I love it there! The easterweek has been a tradition since I was 8 years of age:) This year the easter was really late, so there wasn’t too much snow for cross country or snowkiting. But all the way up on the Valdresflya, there was about 1-2 meters of snow left and luckily for me 4 out of 6 days with wind! Here are some pictures, thanks to my sister and Mariann for having some patience with both me and the wind this day.

Aloha and see you on the water

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Starting the season with two new sponsors!!

I’m so happy to announce that, for the upcoming season, I’ll be supported by:

Cool Shoe Corporation
I’m looking forward to the cooperation and I’m really proud of being a part of such innovative brands!

Cool shoe is a creative brand which appeals to surfers as well as beach fans. With their innovative use of colors, I’ll be an eye-catcher wherever I go, and next to being cool and colorful, the shoes and flip flops are really comfortable - in this way, simply a must have! I’m proud to be a rider of the cool shoe team and look forward to rock the world with new shoes.

Schwerelosigkite is an upcoming and innovative brand in Germany, which makes amazing clothes and accessories with a touch of surf style for girls and boys, for kiters as well as for “normal” people. After a long kite session, I just love putting on my Schwerelosigkite beanie and slip into the warm fleece pullover. Peter and Andi, thanks for giving me the possibility to represent your clothes and be a part of your team!Ohh, and here are some of my favourite shoots from Hurghada, from the photoshoot for Schwerelosigkite:

Photos by: Mirko Bennetz

See you on the water,

Saturday, April 2, 2011

1 week Egypt, Hurghada!

Colona Watersports – thanks for an amazing week!

Reportage by Anne Valvatne,
Teamrider: Naish, Two.AG, Pro Limit, Schwerelosigkite, Cool Shoes, Gibbon Slacklines
Hurghada: 19th – 27th of March, 2011
Photos: Mirko Bennetz

As the revolution in Egypt made the hotel and flight prices quite affordable, I spontaneously decided to go for a week to Egypt to train for the upcoming season. Even though I haven’t been a fan of Hurghada (until now), the price of 350 Euros for 5* hotel including breakfast and dinner as well as the tour/retour flight Hamburg/Hurghada convinced me
 I hadn’t heard or read any good about kiting in Hurghada, so I was somewhat suspicious and the expectations were set to a minimum – though the wind forecast was looking superb. 

The Colona Watersports Centre is situated directly in front of the Magawish Swiss Inn Hotel. The beach is really one of the best beaches in this area of Egypt; it’s clean, looks nice, soft sand, no stones or things to hurt your feet on. 

It’s a perfect and relaxed spot as the areas for beginners/instruction and advanced riders are, to a certain extent, separated. North of the centre there are great training conditions for beginners; a huge area with knee until chest deep flat water and side shore wind. Outside, 300 m upwind of the centre, you’ll find the sandbank. This is where the advanced kiters can tumble around, massive space and crystal clear water. It’s perfect for a photo shoot or filming and great for training new moves, as the wind is more constant than in front of the centre. There are some coral reefs, but they are easy to spot and avoid!

Absolutely unique about this centre is the amazing watersport team. I’ve never experienced that every single one of the team makes such an effort to create a good atmosphere, not only interacting with the guests but also giving tips and compliments on nice action on the water. 

The beach boys are always awake and on the go, ready to launch and land your kite, help you with line trouble or rescue you. Always with a smile on their faces!

Instruction is given in every language and the groups do not exceed the size of 4 persons. The centre itself contains every facility a kiter needs; safe storage, possibilities for washing/drying kites, drying room for wet stuff, compressor for lazy people;), wifi, toilets and even a hot shower. The restaurant serves nice and variable food to affordable prices! And the most important, for the partner, there are tons of wind protected sun beds free of charge next to the centre.

Thanks to you guys for a perfect week,
I’ll be back!!:)