Thursday, August 26, 2010

Winner of SEAT Kitesurf Trophy 2010, ladies freestyle

Since I’m on the kiting road for 14 days already, my blog updates are a bit late… Anyway here's a short sum up;

The weekend 13th – 15th August was the last competition of the Seat Kitesurf Trophy 2010, and my chances to become the number 1 for ladies freestyle were really good (winning the two first competitions). Unfortunately there was NOOO wind the whole weekend, which was very disappointing and frustrating. Though, in this way I won the whole Trophy, and my friend and teamrider from Heike Wycisk got the title German Champion and a Seat for half a year. Congratulations Heike:)!!

What to do when there's no wind?? Slackline of course!!:)

Directly after the price giving on Sunday, me, Stefan and Stefans parents went to Rügen and Rosengarten, a 3 hours drive away, as the forecast promised around 20 knots from north-east. Arriving at 19.30 in the evening we had about 1 ½ hour of perfect riding before the darkness came, and even 1 hour in pure darkness:) Great!! Stefan took some nice shots with his new Blitz:

Last weekend I joined the KB4Girls camp as a coach, hoping for wind, motivated girls and good time! And we had all of it. 50 girls highly motivated to learn new tricks and moves. We got some wind on Saturday and even more on Sunday and a great caipirinha party on Saturday evening. Thank you to Kristin and all the girls for a new experience and great weekend!!

Right now I’m on the camping in Großenbrude just beyond Fehmarn, washing 10 kg really dirty clothes, showering and just enjoying the civilized life on a 4 star camping place;)

Oh, by the way, on Monday we actually saw and filmed a tornado in Born… That was scary!! I’ll upload the movie as soon as I can.. And, for all of you kiters out there:
Get out of the water in good time before the black wall of clouds hits shore!!!

See you on the water,

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

GIBBON slacklines in Norway

I brought my new GIBBON slackline to Norway, and Stefan made some nice shots. Using the slackline is perfect training for me as a kiter, strengthening every part of my body, improving my balance and concentration – and most important, it’s a lot of fun.

Norway: Family, fishing and slacklining (and one day kiting)

On the 21st of July we took the ferry from Hirtshals in Danmark to Kristiansand in Norway. The Fjordline ( has very cheap tickets, and uses less than 3 hours to get to Norway! On the way from Kristiansand to Sogndalsstrand (my dads’ birthplace), you’ll discover the most amazing nature along crazy roads.

Sogndalsstrand itself, 100km south of Stavanger, is a historic town preserved since the days of sail. It’s a beautiful and quite little place, which I’ve loved coming to ever since my childhood.

Ehm – but it’s not really much to do there, except fishing and hiking.

Though, already
40 minutes away, the beaches of Jæren are waiting for you, and a number of possibilities for kiting or surfing. We had one perfect day kiting and one day great surfing.
Stefan testing the Victory from

After one week of Sogndalsstrand, we drove to Oslo and continued up to Trondheim to my parents place and our cabin. I’ve had some perfect relaxing days back home with my family, together with Stefan, fishing, barbequing, celebrating birthdays and just having a great time.

That’s it for now, and tomorrow I’ll be heading to the coast for the last competition in the German championships. I’m really excited, hoping to do good again, though I haven’t been kiting a lot since the last competition. I know that a lot of my friends are coming to Fehmarn, which makes me sooo happy and certain that we’ll have a super weekend together, no matter how the result will be.