Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Norway – Germany – Denmark – Germany - Greece

After the last competition I went back to Norway to rest my hand and my ankle. It was super nice to be back home, to see my family and friends again, go to the cabin and to Trondheim to party and help my sister to clean up her new apartment (hehe). Even though the temperature barely was above 10 degrees, with a lot of rain, hail and even snow, it is always nice to be home. There are many funny strange things which I could mention about Norway, like;
  • Arriving at the airport in Oslo, longing for the Norwegian Peppes pizza, buying two pieces and a small coke, paying 20 Euros!!!
  • Going to the supermarket, buying a paper, a packet of chips, a coke and maybe milk, cheese and bread for 20 Euros!!!
  • That there’s a new law in Trondheim, so all the bars and discos closes already at 2 in the night!!
  • That somehow wherever I went (bars/discos), they asked me for my ID… Feeling quite flattered though, but hello?

After 10 days back home with my family and friends, I went back to Germany, for one night, then headed to Denmark and Ringköbing Fjord for my best friends’ 30th anniversary party, lasting from Thursday till Sunday.

Arriving in Denmark, Jaria finding a new way brushing teeth, me the first evening in Hvide Sande

Unfortunately we only got one day with wind, but enough for 3-4 hours nice flat water training. The 18 days of rest had done wonders for my hand, but somehow my ankle didn’t quite enjoy the kiting, and the next days I couldn’t walk at all. Though tried wakeboarding for the first time, figured out that riding with bindings couldn’t do my ankle any harm.

Wakeboarding is so much fun, but it takes some guts to even think about trying the raley… Stefan has tried it before, like you can see.

The weekend was perfect, with some of my best friends meeting in Denmark, ready for lots of fun and party.

Always in action, trampoline, slackline from Gibbon, water-canooing-ball-games, wakeboarding: Tom and Anreas giving it all, crashing bad:)

Driving back to Germany on Monday and visiting the doctor on Tuesday. This is the first time I have ever met a doctor, who actually knew what’s wrong with me!! It was just so fantastic, I’ve never met such a competent doctor before, telling me that some of the ligaments were slightly ripped and the capsule damaged, giving me a couple of injections in the ankle and some kind of electro treatment. Thanks to doctor Schulz, I’m your fan forever (hm..and probably your patient forever as well!) This weekend I could train again, not yet 100 %, but still pretty good. Bought a couple of wake bindings in order to prevent from more damage, and Uwe from TWO.AG lend me his new wakeboard for kiters. Which is just awesome!! You need a lot of power to be able to pop out, but when you have this power, you fly for ages and due to the shape of the board you’ll hardly feel the landing. I’m stoked! We had a lot of wind this weekend, and I could fly the brand new 6 m2 Torch from Naish, completely overpowered.

Tomorrow we will get in the T5 bus and drive to Greece for 3 weeks. The plans are:
Naxos, Paros, Kos and Rhodos. Hoping for good wind, no car breakdowns, no injuries, and catching up with old friends on Kos!

See you on the road or on the water