Tuesday, May 18, 2010

5th in Podersdorf, Austria - 1st in Büsum, Germany!!! ARRIIIBAAA

It’s been three hectic weeks for me, after returning from Brazil. I took part in the first tourstop of the European Kitetour in Podersdorf, and ended up at 5th place. I’m not very happy with this result, but what can I expect when I do a crappy heat? We only had wind the first day, gusty and off-shore, and I was out with the 8m2 and should have used the 6m2. Unfortunately we had no more days with wind and no chance in the double elimination to work myself up to the top! Anyways, the event in Podersdorf was great, we had summer and 25 degrees, I met a lot of nice people and had a lot of fun!

Back from Podersdorf Monday evening, washing clothes and preparing to go to Büsum on Wednesday morning. The contest started on Thursday, but I was hoping for some wind on Wednesday in order to be able to kite and get used to cold water, icy temperature and neoprene. Well the wind didn’t show up, only the rain. So, again I had to start my heat on Thursday without really being prepared or ready at all. But it all went perfect, and I won all my heats, and even the final against the 3 or 4 times German champion, Sabrina Lutz. The wind wasn’t really enough for me and my 12m2, but somehow I managed to land the raleys to blind, do a couple of s-bends, back to switch – but it was definitely not enough wind to get the s-bend to blind, or double s-bend or anything with power. In return, the wind picked up over the next days and achieved an average of 26 knots (gusts 30 and more) on the day with double elimination. Heike Wycisk worked her way through the heats up to the top, but unfortunately she didn’t make it to the final against me, but still achieved an amazing 3rd place!! Congratulations Heike:)!! Again, it was me against Sabrina in the final, I chose the 7m2 and Sabrina the 6m2. Somehow I managed to convince the judges with more power and height in my tricks than Sabrina, and with a mega-loop (though not landed!) I won the 1st place in freestyle for the ladies in Büsum!!! Great spot and great event, thanks to all the good people organizing and making it possible for us kiters to take part in such an event!

Now I’ll have a 2-4 weeks kite break, because of my hand/wrist. It’s swollen and I can’t use it, and I’ve pushed it to hard since the first competition day in Dahme. I’ll use the time to fly back home to Norway (if the volcano lets me!!) and see my family and friends again! I can’t wait, since it’s almost 1 year ago!!!

Saturday evening and party gathering at the toilet.. It was
too cold to sit outside!

Aloha and poowpow to the elbow

Sunday and good wind, here Mario Rodwald
with e high kite loop

Monday, May 3, 2010

1st place Dahme, Germany!!

I’m so happy, I won the first place for the women in the freestyle competition!! It was sooo cold, soooo bad wind, but it doesn’t matter – in the end :) !! I’m quite surprised, I recon it will be much harder next time to do just as good...

Anne, Heike and Susanne

We arrived in Dahme early Thursday morning, hoping for wind and possibilities to train in cold water before the competition. The wind didn’t show up, so we spent the day sleeping on the beach. I have been kiting with shoes two times in my life, and I hate it. I keep losing the board, and have no feeling. „Lucky“ for me, I couldn’t find neither my neoprene gloves nor shoes before we left, so we had to pass by the windsurf shop in Hamburg to buy all new. The shoes from NPX turned out to be better than my old, good!!, as the water temperature of 8 degrees doesn’t allow me to ride without shoes.

As the first competition day started, I was very nervous and just went running around in circles. If it hadn’t been for my boyfriend, there would have been no 1st place for me;) And also Heike and Toby, riders for Two.ag, helped me out a lot with tips and support! The first heat was against the young rider Maike Erichsen, and luckily for me it was cancelled as the wind was too unconstant, – I was already out of the competition area after one minute, and didn’t manage to return with the gusty offshore wind. After the new start, I went out and tried to do my best, which was enough to win the heat.

Second heat was against the German champion of last year, Sünne Elbel. Somehow I managed to cross the lines BEFORE even starting the kite, tried to fix it, but the starting signal had already gone off, so I had to grab the 10 m². 3 minutes too late in my heat, 4 minutes to go, I had to make the best trick of the heat to have a chance to win. A raley to blind made my day, power to the elbow, and off to the semi-final!!

The Semi-final was against Susanne Brill, and surprisingly I won this as well. At around 16hours it was time for the final against Heike Wycisk. At this point I was so cold, running around in my wetsuit all day, that the result didn’t really matter. Besides this, Heike has become a really good friend, helping me a lot and giving advices during the whole day, so it wouldn’t have meant a difference to lose for her:) I congratulate Heike with her 2nd place!!

Jan from the rescue team had to get me 3 times!!

My friends from Norway and Denmark even came down to support me, and to join the party Saturday evening.. I think I can say that they got the 1st place on the party, and 1st place for best supporting crew! Thank you guys!!

Great weekend, no it’s off to Podersdorf in Austria. Some of the best riders in Europe will take part, so I’m not expecting too much! I hope for better wind conditions, and actually think it can’t get worse than the conditions in Dahme..