Wednesday, April 28, 2010

First competition!!!!

We made it back to Europe, without any problems!!! No volcano can stop meJ We will head up to the coast today, hoping for some wind tomorrow so I can practice for race. I’ve never use a raceboard before, and I have noooo clue how to do tacks and jibes;) Let`s see how this goes! I’m sooo nervous before the competition this weekend, but I have good friends coming all the way from Copenhagen to support me. GREAT, thank you!! I’ll have fun, do my best and kite on…

Thursday, April 15, 2010

9 days left..

We arrived in Fortaleza the 25th of July last summer, and it doesn't seem for real that we actually are leaving in 9 days!! I’m really looking forward to come back home, to see my family and friends, to eat all the things I love (the Brazilians are NOT able to produce good chocolate!! And I’m not even going to mention the chips!!), have decent breakfast (kind of fed up with toast bread!) and so on. But for sure, when I’m back, it’s not going to take long before I miss Brazil!  
(The view from our apartment)
 The last couple of weeks have been filled with surfing, surfing and surfing (and some working..), and as I started to really enjoy it, I got sick. If it was the fish I ate at the beach restaurant, all the saltwater I’ve been drinking, or the old chocolate from Germany (Rittersport mmmm!!) which has been melted and frozen over and over again, it’s not sure. But it put me out of action for a couple of days!! I was finally ready to go surfing again yesterday, had quite a good time in rough conditions with high tide coming in, strong current and 10 000 Brazilians being in my way (hehe, or the 
 other way around – as I have to use 10 minutes to paddle through the shore-brake, constantly running the risk of being hit by a Brazilian actually surfing the waves).
The wind hasn’t decided to show up again, but it really doesn’t matter. It’s good to have a couple of weeks where I can rest my body and gather new motivation and strength for the coming up season/summer. I’m really looking forward to this summer, with so many great plans. 3 weekends of competing in May, then going to celebrate my best friends’ 30th birthday in the beginning of June (this is BIG for me, because I’m always missing out on the big days – being somewhere else!!), then hitting the road for Greece for one month (road trip in Greece, that’s new, isn’t it?) – Naxos, Paros, Rhodos and Kos, and finally going to Norway to see my family in July/August!!:) The university doesn’t start before the beginning of October (which is why I love Hochschule Bremen, and would recommend it to every kiter;)), so we have a lot of time to kite around before that. 

Giddeliooo and power to the elbow