Wednesday, March 31, 2010

My blog has a brand new design, thanks to Longodesign! Im so thankful, and find it great :)

Here is a video I've been working on for a while, with a lot of help from Stefan of course;) The music makes me happy!! have fun:

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Thunder and lightning in Fortaleza

What a night! Couldn't sleep, the thunder was soooo loud, and continued the whole night until this morning around 10.30. Now it's just grey outside, not raining, no wind, the ocean isn't moving at all. I'm allready bored! At least we got a nice session yesterday on the Tabuba lagoon, catching one hour of wind. I'm still working on the 313, since ages (!!!). I can get around, land on my board, grab the safetyleash and continue - but the bar is just unreachable in the air. The day when I manage to get the bar in the air (that day must and will come!), I'll be soooo happy, because then I can continue with the next trick.

Yeah yeah, lot's of blah blah. A boring day at home is nothing for me!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

First blog..

Here we go, let's see how this works..

So, still "stuck" in Brazil after half a year of studying in Fortaleza. The wind and the waves have been amazing... Until now, as the rainy season slowly gets the grip! But, I've bought a surfboard, which I am now forced to use. Why forced, you might think? Well, without my kite, I feel a bit lost in the waves. It's like, I really want to jump over them, and not dive under them. That’s of course when I paddle out. And then there’s the neck pain, which is said to go away after a couple of days. Hope so!! Can barely move my head.

Yesterday was my first day out on the Praia do Futuro. Or actually the second day. I tried once in September, and my only memory is the monster wave which whipped me out, the  very good Brazilian surfing kid who had a good laugh of me, and the kids on the beach who I actually thought were going to kill me, steel my clothes and my brand new board. So, yesterday I was hoping of a better experience. In the beginning the waves where freaking me out, but somehow I managed to paddle behind the 100m long shore break and get a rest. Afterwards I caught three nice waves, got up on my board and the day was perfect!

Today I tried again. Wasn't that scary! So that's progression. I was able to catch 4 waves this time, but not really getting up. Somehow my arms were lacking the power. As I wanted to go back to shore, quite dead, the police was on the beach catching the bad guys. This meant for me, turn around and face the waves again, as this seemed like the better option. Another exiting day is soon over, and I had a lot of fun!